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About Us

Wild Child is a new Bay Area band formed out of an unstoppable passion to jam and entertain people!   Each member is a pro who plays in at least one other band, so this is about having a blast together!  When asked "what type of music do you play?", the answer is often "YES".  That's right, we play across genres because A) we love all types of music like our fans, and B) because we can!  With a whole variety of musical backgrounds, Fred, Michelle, John, Alberto and Alex keep it Wild Child fresh!

Alex Esteverena

Alex is proud to have founded Wild Child and shares lead vocals and plays rhythm guitar.  A versatile musician with diverse tastes, Alex comes to Wild Child with a background playing in some great bands.  After graduating UCLA, Alex attended the Dick Grove School of Music in the Songwriting program and formed Mad Tea Party playing zany rock music all over the Sunset Strip.  On any given night the Tea Party rocked LA with sold out shows at the Whiskey A-Go-Go, The Roxy, Troubadour, and China Club to name a few.  Once back at home in NorCal, Alex started Jokers & Thieves, a creative rock group that cut its debut CD in the mid 90’s and went on to play shows throughout California.  With an unquenchable thirst to play, Alex still plays with local Bay Area band favorites Jokers & Thieves and E-Ticket Band.  

"I don't feel tardy".

Alberto Pena

A personal interview with “Berto”...


How long have you been playing?   

I was in middle school in Guadalajara, Mexico when i heard two guys hanging around my neighborhood playing guitars. They were playing some CCR, Hollies, Queen, Rolling Stones, so i hung out with these guys until they finally decided to teach me how to play!  One year later i discovered the bass guitar so i was invited to play with a classic rock band in Guadalajara when i was only 13, playing Foghat, Steve Miller Band and some Rolling Stones for fun.

What was your first concert? 

1975 Three Dog Night in Mazatlan with my older brother. i can still remember the massive sound, "so loud, so cool "

What gear do you use?

Gallien-Kreuger 800rb with a 4, 10" and a 15" Hartke speakers. a 1984 BC Rich J Series Bass, a 5 string Yamaha, a Fender P Bass and a 1980's Kramer.  My favorite is the BC Rich "for the memories".

Who was your biggest musical influence growing up? 

John Paul Jones, Steve Porcaro, John Entwistle. and in the 80's Pino Palladino.

If you could jam with anyone, who would it be? 

Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood, Jimi Hendrix, and Charlie Watts.

What's the biggest audience you ever performed to? What's the smallest?

Chicago's Rosemount Orizon for 6 thousand people, but my most memorable was playing with a four string guitar in the Pyrenees Mountains at a Basque party.

You're stuck on a desert island and only get to bring one album with you. What do you pick? 

The Song Remains The Same by Zeppelin. When I was 13, I cut middle school to go see it as a matinee--a life-changing experience and shaped my perspective in music.

John Hasty

John Hasty started playing piano at five but found that drums better suited his love for rhythm.  "I was lucky to get a really good drum teacher right from the start (he was ten at the time)," who instilled a sense of joy and fun in playing. He taught us to reach inside ourselves and move through the music and convey that feeling to other people." His musical influences included the Dave Brubeck Quartet, Tower of Power, and Booker T. and the M.G.s, because the music was based around a strong groove.  Later, more earthy, tribal sounds sparked his interest in exploring Afro-Cuban rhythms and more organic hand drums. Working in numerous Bay Area bands over the years has been a great source of enjoyment for me. Still quite active both live and in the recording studio "I plan to improve as a player for the rest of my life".

Fred Baldwin

"Fast Freddie Strings" was born into an extended musical family. He started playing the guitar at 11, joined his first band at 16, and started playing gigs regularly at age 19. Fred played with the same band for 40 years and played gigs in venues ranging from small bars to state fairs. He loves being able to perform in front of an audience and work create a great experience for all.


Fred's influences range from Blues, Classic and Southern Rock, New and Old Country, Memphis Soul, Gospel, Americana, Modern Pop, and Latin music. He loves it all and relishes the chance to learn how to perform many styles of music.


He has known Alex for over 25 years and has always admired his talents. Fred joined Wild Child in the spring of 2022, "I love the high level of musicianship, the camaraderie, and wide variety of songs Wild Child plays. I am honored to be in such a high caliber band"!


Noteworthy gigs for Fred include playing a set with Gregg Allman, playing for 5 years in a band with Ray White of the Frank Zappa band, sitting in a few times with Michael Osborn the former leader of John Lee Hooker’s touring band, and opening up for Gregg Rolie of Santana and Journey.

Michelle Acosta

Michelle is the newest member of the Wild Child family!   A Silicon Valley native with deep roots in San Jose, she brings a soul and vocal talent which cannot be denied.  Whether singing Aretha or a old school classic Mexican ballad by Vicente Fernandez, MIchelle stands out in the crowd.   Michelle has valuable musical experiences, including as an original and various cover bands.  She has performed all over the Bay Area including special events like The Downtown San Jose's Fireworks Show for 4th of July (Sponsored by Rotary Club of San Jose).  Of course, she has many influences such Vicente Fernandez, Chris Stapleton, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Selena, and the list goes on.  ​Wild Child welcomes Michelle and we are excited for the future.

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